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About Sheridan Dance Academy

Sheridan Dance Academy opened in Powell River in 2008. Artistic Director, Mariah Sheridan Runions, has been teaching dance since 2002, and received her A.D.A.P.T Certification in 2006. Sheridan Dance Academy offers a wide level of recreational dance classes in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, and more - all for the Non Competitive/Just for FUN students.

SDA implemented its Competitive Exam Program Fall 2011 and has had great success. SDA Dancers have received Trophies and Gold Medals in Vancouver, Victoria, Courtenay, and Powell River. Select dancers are invited to take A.D.A.P.T Jazz Dance Exams, and take part in three Dance Festivals.

You can learn more about A.D.A.P.T and their exams by visiting their website: www.adaptsyllabus.com

Sheridan Dance Academy classes are available for beginner and experienced dancers 18 months to adult.  
SDA boasts two spacious studios and has more certified, accredited instructors than any other studio in the area.  We look forward to passing our knowledge onto your child.
Visit our Classes Page to read about specific genres, age groups, and schedules.  

Musical Theatre (8)  Senior Jazz  Powell River Festival of Performing Arts (4)  New York Bound Dancers 2011 (4)  New York Bound Dancers 2011 (2)  New York Bound Dancers 2011 (1)  Zumba Kids (1)

A Quiz for Parents
Answer with YES or NO

1.                               I’m confident that my child gets enough physical fitness

2.                               My child’s school friends are great kids, and they are there to support one another

3.                               I am happy with the (limited) time my child spends in front of a screen

4.                               My child feels like she/he has a solid support system with their current friend base

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We are here to Help!
In an age of screens, social media, and cyber bullying we are focused on exposing our students to face to face interactions with positive instructors and other like minded individuals.  Our dancers quickly build friendships here, that can last a lifetime.
As a parent (like many of our teachers) we get it!  This is important to us too!

Creative Movement (4)  Creative Movement (3)  Creative Movement (2)  Creative Movement (1)  Competitive Dance Program (9)  Competitive Dance Program (19)  Junior Jazz

How our Amazing Dance Studio came to be
As a child my family moved a lot.  I attended six schools by the time I finished seventh grade. 
The solid foundation in my life?  My dance studio.    
The teachers were encouraging and soon became my role models; I looked forward to seeing them every week.  It was a place I could let loose, have fun, and be encouraged by positive, outstanding adults who believed in me!  My childhood dance studio was a place that I could count on it being there week after week, year after year, whether I had moved houses or changed schools.  I began imagining my future dance studio by the first grade, and although my imagination often lead me towards other career ideas, I always circled back to being a dance instructor, and owning my own studio – a studio that would positively influence kids, like my dance studio did for me. It became my life’s mission – and here we are!!!
Fast forward to present day. 
I’m happy to say – I AM that person.  Sheridan Dance Academy IS that place.  Our staff is focused on begin positive role models for our students.  We see hard working kids and we give them OUR ALL.  They are our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY.
We welcome kids from ALL walks of life at SDA. We are not concerned with what school you go to, what part of town you live in, if you’re new to Powell River, or if your family has been here for generations. 
We are concerned with providing a welcome atmosphere where you know that your child’s instructor is watching too keep their students engaged, and included.  An atmosphere that encourages physical fitness and healthy living and MOST IMPORTANTLY a chance for your child to express themselves in a positive way!  We are here to help build your child's confidence, encourage them to work hard, and feel supported.  This is my mission for Sheridan Dance Academy – and I feel very confident that we are achieving it!  We are HERE, and we hope to see you soon. 

Annual Sea Fair Parade Rehearsal (3)   Blackberry Fest Dance Performance  Competitive Dance Program (10)  12039338_10153580818375336_9184826698612892502_n  Intermediate Jazz 1  DSC_0399  Dance Convention Fieldtrip 1  

In 2011 one of our very talented dancers had this piece published.

"Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!" This Constanze quote neatly envelopes how my fellow dancers and I feel about dance.  They are these dreams that are taking us to New York City this spring, along with the help and support of this wonderful community.  
Being surrounded by girls who share a common passion for dance fuels the inspiration for us all to embark on this trip to the Big Apple.  Weekly classes at Sheridan Dance Academy give us a supportive environment where we can learn and grow as dancers, which has prepared us well for this trip.  By going on this trip, we know that anything is possible with the aid of bone-grinding hard work.  From the time this far-away fantasy of a trip to New York was proposed, to now, just months before we leave, we have grown indescribably as dancers.  We have learned to dream big and to put ourselves out there no matter what.  Our trip to New York will be the experience of a lifetime that will expand our horizons and one we will take with us in life, whether or not it involves dance.
The community of Powell River has supported us and, in turn, we have helped them.  Beyond babysitting their children for donations, or collecting their bottles, we hope to be an example to the new, aspiring young dancers in the community.  We can also be an example for participating in fun and healthy activities and be young ambassadors of Powell River when we reach New York.  From this support from them we have learned that we are part of a town that is proud to have us make up the community of the future and to share our knowledge of dance after a guaranteed unforgettable trip to NYC.

- Sarah Barton-Bridges
Local dance studio receives “More Than Just Great Dancing” affiliation

Powell River, BC — Sheridan Dance Academy has been accepted into the More Than Just Great Dancing international affiliation program, aligning the studio with a higher standard of dance instruction and management principles.

More Than Just Great Dancing is a community of dance studio owners committed to providing more than excellent dance instruction.  Founded by Misty Lown, owner of Misty’s Dance Unlimited, the More Than Just Great Dancing license is based on the same principles Lown used to grow her own La Crosse, Wis., studio that today serves more than 700 dance students and has given out more than $135,000 in scholarships.

The approach places the customer at the center of the dance studio world and equips licensed studios to transform staff teaching and leadership skills, provide quality programs and curricula, employ best management practices and have a positive impact on their communities.

 As the only studio in the area to receive the license, Sheridan Dance Academy principals may join other industry leaders in web seminars and teleconferencing discussions as well as connect with other studio owners to share ideas, drive industry innovations, and address challenges. 

Sheridan Dance Academy was founded in 2008 in Powell River and today provides Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Musical Theatre, AcroDance, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Creative Movement to more than 120 students ranging from 3 – 18 years old.

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