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Birthday Parties at Sheridan Dance Academy

The MOST fun Party in town + Affordable Pricing = A MUST for your child’s next Birthday Party!
Step 1) Chose your Style of party. 

·        Ballerina Party – or better yet a PRINCESS Ballerina Party!  

·        Creative Movement/Play Based Party are great for the under 6 crowd – but we are happy to do them for any age group.

·        A Dress Up Party!  We have LOADS of dress up options at our studio for your kids to get all dolled up and play some dance                  themed games.  Please note: These parties are best geared towards girls - as our costumes are mostly girl outfits... :-( 

·        Hip Hop Party Dance Party

·        Musical Theatre Style Production - A mini show by the end of the party?!?!?

·        Glow in the Dark Party?  Glow sticks are ready and waiting along with our black lights.

·        DANCE PARTY!  We can set the studio up with Black lights and a Strobe for the ultimate Big Kid feel. 

Step 2)  Pick your Date.

Send us an email or give us a call to pick your date and check teacher/studio availability.  

Step 3) Decide what extras you would like to take advantage of.

·        No frills – you want to come in dance, pass out cupcakes and head out?  Sure we can do that!

·        A place to sit and enjoy the party – we are happy to have our tables and chairs set up (in a BIGGER SPACE than offered                    previously).  Send the kids in to dance with us, and once we’ve tired them out, we’ll send them your way, for an open space to   eat, drink, and open presents.  Our tables have room for in 14 total. 

·        Decorations! We are happy to have the studio decorated for you!  

·        All inclusive Party?  A busy mom has SO much to do in life!  Party Planning not your thing?  We have searched the town and     found the best of the best!  We offer PERSONALIZED invitations, with a POEM about your child, homemade cakes with flavors and decorations of your choice, and Goodie Bags that include age appropriate treasures.  You tell us what you DON’T want to do - and  we’ll take care of it! 

That’s all there is to it!

Pick a themed Party, Pick a Date and Time,  and chose your Extras.   We have got you covered!


·        Basic 2 hour time slot = $75 and includes 30-40 minute party theme of your choice:  Princess Ballerina Party, Creative Movement Party, Hip Hop Party, Musical Theatre Party. Includes large space to eat, drink, and be merry.  Tables and chairs for 14.

·        Basic 2 hour time slot = $100 and includes 30-40 minute party of your choice:  Dress Up Party, Glow in the Dark Party, Big Kid Dance Party.  Includes large space to eat drink and be merry; Tables and chairs for 14; and all the special “stuff” needed to make the party perfect!

·        Add time to your party = $25/half hour of extra time.  Want the kids to party for the full 2 hours, but want some set up time prior to the start of your party?  Adding an extra ½ hour would be the perfect solution! 

·        Add Decorations!  = $30 gets you all set with balloons and streamers prior to your arrival. 

·        All Inclusive Parties = contact us for further details and tell us what you would like to hand off to us.  We offer full packages at a discount. 

Please Remember!  We are looking to make your party as seamless as possible!  No need to report numbers to us in advance – you are charged based on the time you spend with us, not how many kids are coming!  No extra charge for extra kids!  Invite the whole class if you want!  We are READY. 

Our ONLY requirement is a $50 deposit made to us to hold your place.  Party dates will only be held once deposits have been made. 

We look forward to hearing from you!
Disco Dance Party at Sheridan Dance Academy

All Parties require a $50 non-refundable deposit (to hold your place) one week prior to your party. Please leave cash or cheque at our Front Desk, or in our locked mailbox.